About Us

The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District, known locally as Ken-Ton, includes the Village of Kenmore and the vast majority of the Town of Tonawanda. It has a community population of approximately 78,000 people and a student population that serves over 8,400 students. Ken-Ton is one of the largest in New York State and has continued to earn its reputation for academic excellence. The district is known for its large number of state and national recognition awards and ranks among the most progressive school districts in the nation. It has a long-standing reputation for excellence stemming from a conscientious and dedicated Board of Education, active community interest, strong parental support, and a staff committed to high educational ideals.

There are 10 schools in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District, two high schools,  Big Picture school, two middle schools and five elementary schools.

Each school elects a Senior Building Rep as well as Building Reps  who provide leadership to the KTA colleagues in each of their buildngs. The total number of representatives is determined by appointing one representative per 10 full time members in each building. Reps are required to attend KTA Representative Assembly meetings every other month.

The KTA governing body also consists of a 10 member Executive Board that meets monthly.

  • President, Jeff Orlowski
  • 1st Vice President, Elaine Ablove
  • 2nd Vice President, Mary Lynn Bieron
  • Treasurer, Phil Jarosz
  • Secretary, Cheryl Hughes
  • At-Large Members (five), Lisa Carver, Diane Hyzy, Tom LaRussa, Brett Moore and Debbie Peters

The Kenmore Teachers Association also includes 459 teacher retirees who devoted their careers to educating our Ken-Ton students. Many of our retirees were active in our KTA as well.

Annual dues of $10 keep our retirees enrolled in the KTA, NYSUT, and AFT. In fact, our retirees contribute over $8,000 annually to VOTE/COPE.  We update retirees annually on our local political action efforts and invite interested members to participate in our action activities. We also send out our on-line newsletter to interested retirees.

Find out more about retiree issues at